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Julio 15, 2002



Santiago (Chile) has one of the worst cases of air pollution (smog). That causes a LOT of people to bitch about this city (myself included).

I created this card while talking with Andres Bucci, a musician who has spent a great part of his life living in Berlin. And (like me) can constantly compare the differences between other major cities in the world and this one.

After bitching for a couple of minutes, I started to feel weird. I started asking myself why was I living here. And then it hit me, I actually have a lot of fun in this city. It's an hour's drive from both the snow and the sea. It's warm in summer and cold in winter. It's simple, it's comfortable and it works.

AMO STGO (I love Santiago) was the conclusion.

(EDIT July 2004: It's hard to love it all the time.)